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New Queer Works was our "pandemic project": a development program for playwrights from the queer community, in order to amplify the diverse voices of queer theater work.

Throughout 2020 & 2021, the workshops and readings were held virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each piece was wildly unique, and each spoke to the moment in profound ways. 

This program is currently on hiatus while we pursue in-person, fully-staged projects. With more funding and the right collaborators, we hope to bring New Queer Works back soon!


scenes from an unfinished work 
(later, the bottoming process)

by: Nicholas Pilapil

read: 3/30/20

Dramaturg: Stephanie Lim

Cast: Brandon English, Ryan Hartley, Andrea Somera, Hunter Spangler

Stage Manager: Stephanie Graves

In this work-in-progress, two writers fall in love over witty banterabout pop culture, coming out, and cultural differences. But willtheir professional ambitions keep them from staying in love? Pilapilre-imagines the rom-com format for a queer world.



by: Adam Ashraf El-Sayigh

read: 4/6/20

Dramaturg/Director: Karishma Bhagani

Cast: Greg Cuellar, Noor Hamdi, Ryan Hartley, Nikki Massoud, McLean Peterson

Stage Manager: Stephanie Graves

In 1619 Jamestown, Agnes arrives from England for an arranged marriagewith the local lord. In 2019 Williamsburg, Diyala, a grad student, isseeking American citizenship through a green card marriage. El-Sayighexplores the voyages and traumas of two immigrant women.


by: Sam Hamashima

read: 9/23/20

Dramaturg: Gaven Trinidad

Director: Gregory Keng Strasser

Cast: Sam Hamashima, with Aaron Banes & Jo Ellen Pellman

Stage Manager: Pichteeda Taing

Sam Hamashima blends their queer and half-Asian identities to craft a bold look at personal authenticity within a racist society...during a global pandemic.


by: Charlotte Rahn-Lee

read: 10/8/20

Dramaturg: Nathaniel Foster

Director: Carly Nazaryk

Cast: Alyssa Baumgardner, Kayla Emerson, Madaleine Felder, Hakwon Hawkins, Jose Nateras, Kerrie Seymour, Bruce Shaw

Stage Manager: Stephanie Graves

Five years after the election of an authoritarian president, Mel leaves New York City and returns to her hometown of Geneva, NY, after her girlfriend, a trans woman, is forcibly committed to the anti-LGBT Institute for Safe Families. At home, Mel finds her mother rehearsing politically subversive plays with her community theater group in the barn. When the playwright and her mother are arrested for crossing the censors, Mel finds herself in a desperate campaign to protect her friends and family and make authentic art. But can you truly escape complicity in a rotten system?


by: Zachariah Ezer

read: 10/21/20

Dramaturg/Director: Dominique Rider

Cast: B Alexander, Kieran Anthony,Travis Artz, Assata, Michelle Bonebright-Carter

Stage Manager: Pichteeda Taing

At a midnight movie screening, Roxie Spectacular exhibits their cult classic, "A Time to Die." In the film, a martial arts master and a genie try to go back in time to prevent both slavery and a zombie apocalypse, all before they're thwarted by an operative from the end of history. Ezer uses the titular film genre to explore Afropessimism and gender.

Polar Bears, Black Boys, & Prairie Fringed Orchids

by: Vincent Terrell Durham

read: 11/19/20

Moderator: Josh Irving Gershick

Director: Nic Few

Assistant Director: Coby Rogers

Cast: Samuel Brock, Karese Frizell, Jada Henry, Brit Hope, Jamil Akim O’Quinn, Indy Wilson

Stage Manager: Pichteeda Taing

A liberal white couple opens the doors of their renovated Harlem brownstone to host a cocktail party in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. A night of cocktails and conversation spark emotional debates ranging from under-weight polar bears, Lana Turner, global warming, gentrification, racial identity, and protecting the lives of black boys.

Silence is a Sound (workshop)

by: Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko

read: 02/19/2021

Dramaturg: Madison Mae Williams

Director: Sis

Cast: Hakwon Hawkins Devin Troy, Christian Kidd.

Stage Manager: Pichteeda Taing

Producer: Brian Knoebel

Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko continues to explore the politics of gender in the Black community, in response to the senseless killings of Black trans women. Our private reading focused on the first act of this gripping new work.


a white haunting

by: Brian Dang

read: 05/06/2021

Dramaturg: Ryan Hartley

Director: Nic Few

Cast: Cesar Cipriano, Jared Corbin, Brian Knoebel, Stephanie Lim

Stage Manager: Harrison Harper

Producer: Pichteeda Taing  & Dylan Thai

Darren and Tchai find themselves at odds on how to survive the night, when a masked intruder wielding an axe accidentally gets invited into their date. Dang explodes the horror tropes in order to expose the ways in which white supremacy continues to seed mistrust between queer people of color.

Eye, divisé(e)

by: Ezequiel González Camaño

read: 07/05/2021

Dramaturg: Victor Cervantes, Jr.

Director: Ryan Hartley

Cast: Jose T. Nateras, John Anthony Torres, Dan Lovato

Stage Manager: Harrison Harper

Producer: Brian Knoebel

Latinoamérica is dead, que viva Latinoamérica.
Through three fragmented narratives and seven characters played by two actors, González Camaño imagines the stories of Latin Americans that loved and fought before. The audience is forced to grapple with the politics of masculinity and revolution as we imagine a future after colonialism, climate change, and collapse. When we sink beneath the waves, however, what is waiting on the other shoreline?

The Asexual Romance Fantasy Play

by Ben M. Jones

read: 08/23/2021

Dramaturgs: Anne Karyna Bakan & Nathaniel Foster

Director/Stage Manager: Ryan Hartley

Cast: Veronica Duffy & Itai Vagner, with Ryan Hartley

Producer: Dylan Thai

A chance meeting between two artsy people at an upscale gala leads to a lightning jolt of a romance. As our two protagonists get to know each other better, however, they soon find their fantasies going off the rails. Jones examines the stories we tell ourselves about romance and reckons with the very real consequences those stories have.

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