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The Case of the Town Crier

a new play for Zoom


Eva Grace 

Director - Christopher Hudson

Dramaturg - Ryan Hartley

Performed LIVE by

Shanta Davis, Tessa Elyse,

Christopher Hudson, & Hanna Williamson

Stage Manager - Brian Knoebel

Special Thanks to Paulo Chiossi

In The Case of the Town Crier, four longtime friends Zoom together in a belated attempt to keep a Hallowe'en tradition (and to save their drifting friendship). They try to make sense of themselves and each other in the midst of an increasingly uncertain world.

The New Cosmopolitans were honored to present this new piece by Eva Grace, written especially for Zoom, on November 14 & 15, 2020 as a fundraiser for our New Queer Works series.

(clockwise from top left: Tessa Elyse, Christopher Hudson, Hanna Williamson, & Shanta Davis in The Case of the Town Crier)

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