The New Cosmopolitans is a theater production company with a national reach, based in Southern California. 


  Our mission is to curate and facilitate a legacy of theater work that is fully inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, and abilities. We are striving to design an environment of collaboration, where diverse artists are trusted and valued for their involvement. We showcase stories that spark conversations; stories that have gone unheard; stories that contribute to the movement for change.


  We hope to eventually offer full productions and educational opportunities beyond the current New Queer Works development program.


  We are a grassroots organization with volunteer leadership, and all funds raised go directly to the artists who create our programming.

Our AMPLIFY Message

TNC exists to amplify:

The need for theatre work that fully embraces the nuances in our society. 


The value of theatre makers as contributors to our civic spaces.

Marginalized voices that aim to create change through theatre arts toward inclusivity.

Meet The Team

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Ryan Hartley (he/him/his) is a dramaturg, director, and an all-around performance maker from/in Southern California. He focuses on psychophysical performance, site-specific scenography, macro-history, and queer theory.

Ryan is the Chief Dramaturg and Founder of The New Cosmopolitans; a producing organization for inclusive theater. Currently, he is facilitating their New Queer Works series, a development initiative for active LGBTQ+ playwrights. 


Ryan is an active member of LMDA. Education & Training: BA in theater from Pepperdine University; Suzuki & Viewpoints from SITI Company; Yale’s summer directing intensive (2018).


Why TNC?


Founding The New Cosmopolitans came from an impulse to create the theater in which Ryan wasn’t seeing in Southern California, especially when it came to queer works. Once Ryan started making contact with other similar-minded folks, he began to see the importance of widening the scope of the group toward the inclusivity of all who have long been left in the margins. Our work demands an embrace of nuance and, in these times, a rigorous challenge to do things differently.

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Brian Knoebel (he/they) hails from Pittsburgh PA where he received his degree in Theatre Arts from Point Park University. Brian has been in arts and entertainment for over a decade working as an actor, writer and producer. After spending 6 years in NYC, performing in various shows off-broadway and regionally, working with Movement Troupes and dance companies, he moved to Los Angeles where he is working as an actor, drag artist, and business owner. He recently launched Mildew, also the name for their drag performances, that is a queer curated thrift shop which focuses on sustainability and giving back to various organizations that emphasizes on socioeconomic issues and climate change.


Why TNC?


Brian finds it so very important to create work that is representative of all voices in our society. However, many queer artists aren’t givent the proper platform to create and exhibit their work and it’s been my mission to elevate those voices to inspire others to create and take action. TNC is creating inclusive theatre that is ever present in this moment,and is able to take the risks needed to create one of a kind pieces that can and will shape the future of theatre, and Brian wants to be a part of that.

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Dylan Thai (he/him) Born and raised in Maryland, Dylan is a multifaceted individual within the creative arts. His initial career choice was within the fashion industry with his B.S degree in Fashion Merchandising. However, Dylan’s career changed course when he became an Executive Producer for an independent musical feature film, "The Girl Who Left Home” directed, written, and produced by Mallorie Ortega. After completing production, he relocated to LA in 2019 to venture into the film and entertainment industry to advocate for more representation and more diverse and inspiring stories. Dylan can be recognized as Eddie Tan of the Hot Pocket in Mindy Kaling's Netflix show "Never Have I Ever." Currently, Dylan is working on his second independent feature film entitled “FACE ON” as a Co-Producer. 



Dylan is driven to showcase representation, diversity, true storytelling, and showcasing the true and raw beauty of a subject. He jumped on board with The New Cosmopolitans because their mission aligned. Advocating for inclusivity, and uplifting LGBTQ+ voices in the theatrical community is needed and is very rare to come upon. He believes TNC is the perfect platform and outlet  for any uprising creatives.

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Christopher Hudson (he/him) is a professional Actor, Musician, Creator from Colorado, and is now based in Washington. He is an award-winning theater geek as both an Actor and a Dramaturg and is a proud pianist, saxophonist, amateur guitarist, and vocalist with training in Musical Theater. Christopher pursues his curiosity in creating an equitable and magical space for creators and collaborators. He finds excitement in chasing feelings and gaining new connections. He is happy to talk with you!


Why TNC?


Especially in this period of pandemic of COVID-19; unemployment, and reanimated racism – The New Cosmopolitans is a brave soldier for our beloved theater industry; creating opportunity under seemingly impossible circumstances while taking steps towards shaping an equitable, inclusive future for theater artists. Christopher wants to help advocate and be a part in representing the here and now- warts and all.